Competitive Advantages

Costs reduction the cost that we represent to the companies that contract our services is a small fraction of what would represent to them to contract fix internal staff to conduct the same tasks.

We save space, time and money, to our clients, being in charge of numerous tasks both strategic and mechanical, that require specific know-how, methods, hardware, software and appropriate equipment, but also a considerable physical space and, above all, plenty of time.

Global Service Provider: as we offer a wide range of services, the companies can centralize a number of tasks in J.R. COMMERCIAL & EXPORT CONSULTANTS that in other ways they should contract to many different companies. The fact of having a Global Service Provider for different tasks, saves time and facilitates the establishment of synergies, empathies, interrelations and interdependences, resulting in a major confidence and effectiveness.

Objectiveness: as we are Multi-Specialists and External Consultants, we can see the reality of the companies from outside, with a clear objectiveness, which facilitates the impartial diagnosis formulation and the application of the right and necessary resources in each moment and for each mission.

Permanent operability, as we do not close for holidays. The inactivity caused by sickness, accident or maternity leave will not be a factor either, as we work with a service contract.

Elimination of the risk of staff rotation, as we are External Consultants and do not look for salary increases, changing from a company to another.
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